Gothenburg, Sweden (September 30, 2014) – Surgical Science announced today the product showcase of EndoSim, a cutting edge endoscopic simulation system. Built on the company’s existing, clinically validated LapSim® platform, EndoSim features basic endoscopic skills training modules and advanced lower and upper gastrointestinal intubation training simulations.

“As more and more surgical training programs are adopting virtual reality simulation as an essential part of their training curriculum we’re continually innovating and evolving to meet their growing educational needs,” said Tomas Ragnarsson, managing director of Surgical Science. “EndoSim is the perfect next step in the evolution of medical education toward safer, more efficient and exam-aligned skills training.”

Featuring a haptic hardware platform similar to the company’s laparoscopic simulator LapSim, as well as realistic lifelike graphics, the EndoSim system includes a gastroscopy and colonoscopy scope, Fundamental Endoscopy Skills 1 & 2, Therapeutic Skills and optional colonoscopy intubation and gastroscopy intubation software modules. In addition, EndoSim’s unique detachable desktop haptic unit is the first of its kind in the endoscopy simulation market.

“EndoSim has been designed with an eye to usability and portability in an effort to provide endoscopists with not just the most powerful training experience available, but also the most dynamic and user-friendly system on the market,” said Tony Rubin, vice president of Surgical Science. “This is truly the first simulator that offers a system-within-a-system functionality, meaning that users can quite literally pick up the detachable haptic unit and experience realistic, cutting edge endoscopy training almost anywhere.”

EndoSim is now available worldwide. Learn more about EndoSim by contacting Surgical Science at info(at)

About Surgical Science:
Surgical Science, established in 1999, develops high quality tools for the Assessment, Training and Certification of medical professionals. Using Virtual Reality simulation technologies, users are able to build skills on Surgical Science simulators that demonstrate and transfer proficiency from virtual reality to the operating suites. Surgical Science’s world headquarters are in Gothenburg (Sweden) with the Americas headquarters in Minneapolis, MN and offices in Mexico City (Latin America) and Toronto (Canada).

Hans Uddenberg
Product Manager
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