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TeamSim® is a complete inter-professional education package that simulates the real world teamwork needed for laparoscopic procedures, providing professionals a faster, safer way to develop and perfect team-based, non-technical skills with no patient at risk.

TeamSim® scenarios and complications are fully customizable. Instructors can pre-plan or remotely control virtual patients, creating true-to-life situations that continually challenge a team’s evolving training needs.

The TeamSim® Package

Lightweight and compact, the TeamSim®package is easily moved; allowing enhanced team-based training in the OR, in situ or at off-site training events. As a completely modular system, TeamSim® may be purchased as a complete package or as separate components to complement existing training equipment.

TeamSim® Benefits

  • Accurately simulates real world OR team environment
  • Builds team communication skills in crisis and routine situations
  • Develops critical non-technical skills
  • Strengthens trainee confidence and skills
  • No patient risk

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