Using the validated, industry-leading virtual reality training system LapSim®, the TeamSim® package features fully customizable laparoscopic training scenarios and complications. Instructors can continually challenge a team’s evolving training needs through pre-planned or spontaneously changing, remotely controlled virtual patients.

While innovations in laparoscopic surgical simulators have made an incredible impact on individualized training, there has been a gap between the experience of a single professional standing at the simulator and stepping into a collaborative OR staffed with multiple team members. TeamSim® erases that gap by giving the whole OR team the opportunity to practice and refine their communication and non-technical skills without any patient risk.

TeamSim® Hardware

TeamSim® is a lightweight, flexible, portable unit that allows team-based training in the OR, in situ or at off-site training events. The result is a better prepared, more synchronized and safer surgical team.

Procedure Modules

For TeamSim® we have selected the best procedure modules to train in a real world OR environment. With the procedures you build team communication skills in crisis and routine situations as well as developing the critical components of non-technical skills.

Video Simulations

At Surgical Science, we believe the video debriefing of an exercise or procedure is of most importance for the learning experience. To have your complete exercise recorded, means that you can go back to look at your best or worst moments, and to be able to rewind and learn form that sequence. Here we have handpicked a few videos from our different exercises and procedures.

Support Services

With TeamSim®, you’re getting the best technology possible, plus the industry’s only true partnership. From day one through the life of the simulator, our simulation specialists will assist in everything from set up to curriculum customization to research.

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