Fundamental Skills

Putting Vision into Practice.

EndoSim® has been designed with an eye to usability and portability in an effort to provide endoscopists with not just the most powerful training experience available, but also the most dynamic and user-friendly system on the market. This is a simulator that offers a system-within-a-system functionality, meaning that users can pick up the detachable haptic unit and experience realistic, cutting edge endoscopy training almost anywhere.

Fundamental Endoscopy Skills 1

With Basic Skills for EndoSim® techniques can be practiced again and again at increasing levels of difficulty with customizable challenges, scenarios and complications to make each experience unique. Each exercise is digitally recorded with detailed metrics and statistics, providing both immediate and long-term skill development feedback.


Skills included are:

  • Navigation
  • Scope Handling
  • Button Handling
  • Knob Handling
  • Visualize Colon

Fundamental Endoscopy Skills 2

Developed to help prepare trainees for assessment in the fundamentals skills required of flexible endoscopic surgery.


Skills included are:

  • Navigation
  • Mucosal Examination
  • Targeting
  • Retroflexion
  • Loop Reduction

Therapeutic Skills

The EndoSim® scope features an active channel for biopsy forceps, endoscopic snare and injector, allowing trainees to learn and master key clinical skills related to pathology biopsy, polypectomy biopsy and injection sclerotherapy. Therapeutic Skills includes:


  • Pathology Biopsy
  • Polypectomy Biopsy
  • Injection Sclerotherapy

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